TTF Winery Tours

Did you know that Oklahoma is home to nearly 50 wineries?

Explore these wineries with Travel Top Flight’s (TTF) personalized tours. Experience the winery scene by visiting some of the local companies or schedule TTF for a day of sampling wine elsewhere in Oklahoma with your friends or family in a luxury chauffeured limousine van. TTF provides a safe and comfortable transportation option for you and your friends so you can relax and enjoy these fine locally grown products.

The length of the limousine rental time will depend on the pickup address and on the wineries selected to visit. Your trip could also include stops for food at restaurants or visiting local food trucks as well as seeing sights in the area (historical sights, museums, attractions) if desired. If you’d like TTF to plan the day, we can organize a great trip for you. Or if you know what you want to do, we can map out an itinerary and advise of the time required…..our trips can be fully customizable.

TTF offers vehicles ranging from 4 to 13 passenger capacity. All vehicles come stocked with ice and complimentary bottled water and are complete with the newest technology and TV’s. Get a group of friends to visit wineries in the region and sample their great products. You might find a new favorite Oklahoma grown wine!

Whatever you do……enjoy the ride!!

For a list of Oklahoma Wineries, click below:

Give us a call at 918-561-6811 to start designing your tour with TTF

Tips for a successful limousine winery trip include:

  • Research your potential wineries for their variety and also if they might have an outdoor patio
  • Plan in advance so everyone gets to weigh in on the selection
  • Recommend you allocate 45 min per each winery, but the stop duration may vary depending on the group size
  • Check for any special events happening at the venue on the same day as your visit
    • Selecting locations that offer free events/music may enhance your trip
  • If a large group, we can call ahead to make tasting appointments
    • Some may offer private wine tasting rather than the normal 1st come/1st served tastings
    • Some may offer guided tours of the winery for groups